Draytons Exports

We export service a wide range of VAT qualifying and tax free vehicles to Ireland. So if you’re looking for a trusted service for export, look to Draytons.

Our local representatives work closely with dealers and private customers overseas to source and deliver the very best value vehicles, with total peace of mind.


- Simplified Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) paperwork
- Comprehensive re-conditioning and servicing, if required
- Multipoint safety and bodywork inspection
- Independent mileage verification check
- Hassle-free delivery, if required


In general, all vehicles brought into Ireland are subject to VRT and must be registered with the Revenue Commissioners. If you are moving to Ireland or are already living there and you are importing a vehicle, you must do 3 things before you can drive your vehicle in Ireland:

- Pay VRT (unless you are exempt)
- Have motor insurance
- Pay motor tax

Please visit the Irish Revenue website for comprehensive information on VRT.
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